IP.Education is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to unbiased education in intellectual property and patents for the entrepreneurial community.  We believe that inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs are the heart of our economy. The patent system is a powerful and complex vehicle for helping innovators bring products to market. But for the uninitiated, it is often bewildering and prohibitively expensive.

Our mission fills a need in the startup ecosystem for entrepreneurs and investors, educating them on how to use intellectual property as business tools, and develop meaningful long-term assets for their companies.

Much of patent education currently available is provided by those selling patent services and encourages acquiring provisional patents. Often for startups, this is not in their best long term interest.  For a startup company, getting a patent is not the goal, it’s the starting point.

Our straightforward approach to patents and intellectual property comes from years of being on all sides of the intellectual property table: as inventors, patent agents and attorneys, in-house counsel, outside counsel, patent owners, patent brokers, and angel investors.  With these multiple viewpoints and experiences, we are able to provide comprehensive education to the entrepreneurial community, no matter what role we’re addressing.

Education delivery platforms include blog posts, video courses, publications, as well as in-person workshops and mentorship. Our organization and resources are growing, and we will happily discuss donations and sponsorship opportunities.