IP.Education was formed to give entrepreneurs and startups an unbiased view of intellectual property.  Much of patent education currently available is provided by those selling patent services and offers advice and consultation that is ultimately in the provider’s best interest, not the business’ or investor’s.

There’s a need for a nonprofit, education-focused enterprise to help entrepreneurs and investors across the globe make sense of the patent system and the power of intellectual property. Depending on the study you look at, over 95% of patents are unenforceable, easily gotten around, or reveal far too much proprietary information. They are essentially worthless as long-term assets or business building blocks. Our goal is to provide straightforward education about patents and intellectual property for the entrepreneurial community to enable them to make smart business decisions.

IP.Education was founded by Russ Krajec, author of “Investing In Patents: Everything a Startup Investor Needs to Know About Patents.”  Russ was co-founder of Concurix, a venture-backed startup company that built a large patent portfolio, as well as a practicing patent agent/attorney for over 15 years.  Russ is the CEO of BlueIron IP, an investment company that finances patents for startups.