Patent Basics

Patent Disclosure Interview

A patent disclosure interview is when a patent agent/attorney has an interview with the inventor about their invention.  These can take an hour or two, and it is the best way for the attorney to begin to understand the invention.  It is also the best way for the attorney and client to get to know…

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Patent Search Tutorial

It is important for inventors to do their own patent searches, especially when they are developing new ideas. There is nobody more qualified to perform a search than the inventor who knows their idea and can benefit from seeing other people’s versions of their idea. An inventor who does their own search will look at…

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Rejected Patent? What do I do?

My patent was rejected by the patent examiner – what do I do? First off, do not worry. The back-and-forth process between the examiner and applicant is a necessary part of getting a strong patent allowed. You want the examiner to fully understand the invention and do a competent job of searching. If the examiner…

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