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Patents and the Quid Pro Quo – How Bad Patents Can Harm A Company

The Quid Pro Quo – How Bad Patents Can Harm A Company New inventors are often unaware of the quid pro quo that is fundamental to the patent system. The inventors must show the world their innermost secrets of how to make or use their invention.  In exchange, the government grants a limited right in the form […]

Patents Should Be Easy To Read

Patents should be understandable and easy to read. It takes far more effort to write a clear, clean, direct, and comprehensible patent application than a giant, incomprehensible “pile of words”. Understandable and readable patents get better examination from the USPTO, which means those patents are much more “legitimate” than those that are poorly written.  Examiners find the […]

Write Your Own Patent?

Should You Write Your Own Patent Application? Writing your own patent is sometimes worth considering, especially for relatively low value inventions where you do not expect to enforce, sell, or litigate the patent. Often, I consult with inventors who are considering writing their own patents or those who have already done so. In general, these […]

Inventors Can Be Difficult

Inventors Can Be Their Own Worst Enemies There are times when an inventor can be very myopic. There was one inventor several years ago who insisted on very specific definitions of his invention and would not permit any variation from his vision of the invention. The inventor would not consider any expansive definitions or alternatives […]